Monday, February 11, 2013

Calling high rise communities at Padur

ETA Rosedale towering over its Padur neighbourhood.

We would like to hear from high rise communities in Padur neighbourhood -  ETA Rosedale,  Akshaya, Ouranya Bay and the like. (e-mail us:
OMR Greens  is planning a Padur Walk  this Sunday (Feb.17),  following a positive response from local residents to our Kelambakkam Walk. We reckon a green initiative, by high-rise community residents at Padur can only promote  neighbourly  relations  with our neighbourhood old-timers.Putting it plainly, it's a PR exercise, for our mutual benefit.
OMR Greens have been there before -  trash-busting at Padur market street. Our first outing didn't evoke much enthusiasm among local residents.  People watched us,  mopping up trash from their pavement, with curiosity, amusement, and skepticism. Not one of then came forward to give us a hand. Of course, panchayat  president,  Mr Chinnakutty,  arranged for street-cleaners to cart away the trash we collected.

From our perspective it was worth the trouble. Video clips we uploaded on YouTube were noticed by other OMR communities at Sholinganallur,Thoraipakkam and elsewhere.  Nearer home, for OMR Greens, the Padur  trash-bust marked the start of our association with  Hindustan University. A representative group students and the faculty joined in our street cleaning exercise.
We have since met the Hindustan University director, Mr Ashok Verghese, who evinced critical interest in our activities, and offered to designate a faculty group to work with OMR Greens in drafting a plan of action for the next 6 to 12 months.  Upcoming Padur Walk is our first outing since our meeting with Hindustan University director.
The Padur Walk, starting from Mantri Synergy, would stop by at Hindustan campus gate,  Rosedale complex across the road,  before proceeding to Padur.  We make our way through side streets in the neighbourhood to wind up in front of the Padur Panchayat office.
After the walk we have lined up a field trip to Mamallapuram organic waste recycling plant. Some Mantri residents have voluteered to drive us in their cars to the waste-to-energy conversion plant. We should be back at Mantri's for lunch.
The Mamallapuram plant, run by Hand-in-Hand, a Kanchupuram-based NGO, has a 100 cubic meter bio-methanation unit with capacity to handle 800 kg. kitchen/food waste.

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