Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Death of a cow on OMR

Cattle death in hit-and-runs on OMR is not uncommon. The photo was taken this morning in front of our apartments complex  - Mantri Synergy. The victim of hit-and-run, presumably, pregnant, awaits disposal. Like so many other passers-by,  my wife and I stopped by, voiced our concern and sympathy  for the animal  and cursed  the cattle owner for having  let  the cow out to fend for herself after milking.
We did the same thing - stopped by, cursed and carried on - under similar circumstances two years back. When we found, in front of our complex,  a mortally wounded cow .The scene then was that of  the cow,  foaming from the mouth, and gasping for breath. The dying animal  was being watched over by some panchayat sweepers.

This photo is taken from our earlier post (May, 2011),  in which I wrote: Padur municipal sweepers squatting by the side of the dying cow ...said they were waiting for the cow owner to turn up to claim the animal. As for the dying animal, they pleaded helplessness. There was nothing they could do, they said, other than wait for the death.  

A two-minute YouTube clip that I took, of unfettered movement of cattle at Padur.  

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  1. The plight of the poor cow is very sad. One can call the blue cross for help if a cow is injured or the corporation if its dead.