Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Verghese Proposal for Muthukadu Lake

Muthukadu Lake, ECR
Our post on OMR Greens plan for Padur lake prompts director Ashok Verghese of Hindustan University to suggest 'a more ambitious plan,  to turn Lake Muthukadu into a facility of national importance, attracting even international attention'. He refers to Kerala's tourism-driven sea-plane concept for the state's lakes and backwaters.

Says Mr Verghese: "How about we propose 'Lake Muthukadu - Destination for Adventure & Beauty'. That the lake is virtually at the backyard of Hindustan University campus should facilitate its Dept. of Environment to take up the needed studies and survey to turn the Verghese Proposal into a full-fledged project plan for Lake Muthukadu.

Mr Verghese refers to the conspicuous absence of a marina on the Chennai water front. As he put it, " all coastal cities have beautiful Marinas where 1000's of boats are anchored. From million-dollar yachts to the common sail boats are parked safely. This will promote citizens to enjoy & experience first hand the wonders of the oceans".

Whether Lake Muthukadu would lend itself for development into a marina of the kind Mr Verghese has in mind  is quite another matter , Snag with Muthukadu is that an ECR road bridge runs right across  Lake, splitting the sprawling water-body into two parts.

As director , Mr Verghese has the resources to back up his proposal with a project study, which can be taken up by the Hindustan university Dept.of Environment sciences.  OMR Greens, with a project report and support  from Hindustan University, would be on a strong wicket to take the proposal forward with the govt. and other stake-holders - OMR residential communities, I T companies with CSR funds, property developers and local panchayats.

Earlier this year, Tamil Nadu Public Works Department minister K.V. Ramalingam said in the State Assembly that the waterbodies in the fringes of the city would be developed as recreational spaces. The government's interest in promoting the ECR belt, coupled with the minister's statement in the state legislature on development of lakes, ought to help us push our case for Padur and Muthukadu lakes with the stakeholders.

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